Ways to Funk Up Your Christmas Dinner

Christmas doesn’t have to be unhealthy or wildly indulgent.  Adding some fermented favourites with a holiday twist ensures that your gut stays merry.  Try some of these ideas over this festive season:

  1.  Spiced kombucha – try adding cinnamon, cloves, and ginger to your kombucha to give it a festive flavour.  Also, orange peel (be sure it’s organic) and cloves instantly remind me of the holidays and will also help with digestion, just in case you indulge over the holiday.  Cranberries and orange are also a perfect combo.
  2. Eggnog made with kefir gives this Christmas staple a probiotic kick https://www.culturesforhealth.com/learn/recipe/milk-kefir-recipes/kefir-eggnog/
  3. A fermented cranberry sauce or relish can easily be swapped out for the super-sweet canned variety. These ferments are quite quick to ferment, so you still have time to add it to your holiday menu.  https://healthstartsinthekitchen.com/fermented-cranberry-orange-relish/
  4. Add a holiday-inspired kraut to your table.  https://www.masontops.com/blogs/masontops-blog/christmas-cranberry-sauerkraut?_pos=1&_sid=23ff6a8bd&_ss=r http://loulanatural.com/christmas-kraut/
  5. Sourdough Panettonne – this classic sweet bread is studded with dried fruit and citrus.  It originated in Milan, but is now makes a regular appearance at Christmas all over the world.  https://nourishedkitchen.com/sourdough-einkorn-panettone/

What are your favourite holiday ferments?